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Pilates mat

This class focuses on the core muscles, but works on the entire body. Pilates develops long, lean muscles by teaching you to use the smaller muscles as well as the larger muscles. Classes often incorporate the use of large and small ball, bands, rings, and light weights.

Classes are 55 minutes

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This ballet / pilates-based workout is done at the barre as well as on the floor. No previous dance experience is needed and there will be no actual dancing in the class. You will work to develop long, lean muscles while getting a total body workout. Bands, small ball, and light hand weights will often be used.

Classes for Pilates and Barre Essentials: $12 per class or 8 for $80 (must be used within 4 months of purchase). Private and semi-private classes available. Contact Anne for details (330) 421-2826 or [email protected] ·

Classes are 55 minutes

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This non-impact class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Burn calories, feel energized and get fit.

$8 per class or 10 for $70 for all trainers except Jesica.  For more info contact Got Milt at (330) 725-4364.

Classes with Jesica are $10 per class.  Contact Jesica at (330) 635-3562.

Classes are 1 hour.


Our non-impact yoga class is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Combine slow controlled movements to improve strength and flexibility as well as balance and a sense of relaxation.

Classes: $10 per class or 10 for $90. Contact Michelle (330) 461-1496

Classes are 1 hour.

Fusion strength

60 minute hybrid style workout that will torch calories, chase away boredom, and tone your physique using different forms of cardio and strength training.

For more information contact Jessica at (330) 461-3650

Classes are 1 hour.

Yoga fitness

60 minute class for everybody and every body!! This class blends balance, strength, flexibility, and power in a fitness format designed to improve health, performance, and mental acuity.

For more information contact Jessica at (330) 461-3650

Classes are 1 hour


Coming This February!

Taught by certified Acrobatic Arts instructor Chris Hughey Alexander.  A fun style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.  Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, and is challenging.

This class works complimentary to students who take dance, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, etc… We gear to each students’ level of experience.

Now Offering Private Classes, Small Group Semi-Private Classes or Group Classes.

Classes start at $60.00 / hour

For more information about the class or for group rates contact Chris Alexander at (734) 634-2388 or via email: [email protected]

Classes are 1 hour.

Please note:  Thursday 5:30 p.m. Barre Classes are postponed for the Summer and will begin again in the Fall.  See schedule for updates.