Indoor cycling

This non-impact class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Burn calories, feel energized and get fit.

Classes are 1 hour. See Schedule below. $8 per class or 10 for $70. For more info contact Got Milt at (330) 725-4364.

Wed/Fri 9:15-10:15 am
Mon 4-5 pm

Classes are 1 hour.


Jeff has been leading Indoor Cycling Class at Got Milt for the last 4 years. He was attracted to Got Milt Fitness for cycling because of their investment in the KEISER Bikes. These are the ultimate Indoor Cycling bikes offering seamless smooth pedaling and the ability for the entire class to be in the same gear. His class can be categorized as challenging, offering an intense workout with the goal of reaching new levels each time. Jeff utilizes a series of recovery periods that a participant aims to reach. These periods of intense work followed by recovery allow participants to reach new levels of calorie burn and accomplishment. Music plays an integral part of his class and he strives to offer a fun and motivating playlist in order to help you reach your goals.


Megan recently moved to Medina from Jersey City, NJ. Cycling is her “therapy” and she’s passionate about living a lifestyle that promotes a healthy mind and body. Having received her Indoor Cycling certification through Mad Dogg Athletics, she enjoys leading a structured, challenging and fun cycling class. Megan encourages participants to push themselves to be better and stronger, and together enjoy feeling the amazing rush of accomplishment at the end of a ride! Besides being a cycling instructor, she’s also a licensed real estate agent and a small business owner. “I look forward to seeing you in class where we will sweat it out together!”


Michelle teaches both Indoor Cycling and Yoga at Got Milt. She believes you should incorporate fitness into every day even if it is taking an extra flight of stairs or parking farther away from the grocery store. She has been teaching Indoor Cycling for two years and regularly attends classes in other cities to keep up-to-date on the latest trends.


Lori has been instrumental in starting the indoor cycling program at Got Milt. She has been leading and teaching cycling for over 6 years. Lori is a Certified Cycling Instructor. She offers an atmosphere of encouragement and fun and challenges her classes to new levels. Her classes vary between strength and cardio, offering a variety of movements to motivate you to your fitness goals.