This non-impact class is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Combine slow controlled movements to improve strength and flexibility

During this beginning class you will learn basic moves to build a foundation for various types of belly dance while you work out those hips, thighs and core, all while working on your balance in this fat burning routine!

All fitness levels are welcome to attend. First class is FREE!

Bring a bottle of wine and stay after class for some music and mingling with friends!
Classes are 1 hour.


Jezebel is a middle eastern dance instructor and performer. She started studying middle eastern dance in 1997 and later began teaching at workshops and seminars.

Her study of music theory enabled her to recognize how to mesh movement to music and her innate ability to envision sound as movement earned her the position of choreographer with troupe Hareem Shar’eem, Wicked Gypsy, Maevyn, JezeMel and The Shuvani Jezebels specializing in solos as well as group numbers which utilize her unique fusion of American tribal, Gypsy and Gothic Bellydance.

Jezebel’s classes focus not only on learning individual movements, but on putting separate movements together into a choreography that echoes a specific piece of music. She feels that musicality is a vital part of a dancer’s repertoire and enjoys combining movements from several different dance styles to make her choreography fun, challenging, and innovative.