Barre Essentials

This ballet / Pilates-based workout is done at the barre as well as on the floor. No previous dance experience is needed and there will be no actual dancing in the class. You will work to develop long, lean muscles while getting a total body workout. Bands, small ball, and light hand weights will often be used.

Group class schedule:

Tuesdays:   9:00 am – Barre Essentials
Cost:  $80.00/8 classes or $12.00/walk-ins


Contact Anne for details (330) 421-2826 or [email protected]

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Anne Bruno is the owner and founder of Bodies in Balance of Medina County, which has been in operation since 2001. She has been teaching dance and fitness for over 20 years and Pilates for 15 years. Her artistic background includes serious dance training as well as instructing.