The idea of Got Milt Health and Fitness started while Milt Marshall was a personal trainer at the Medina Rec Center. Kathy Henderson, one of his clients and now business partner, was seeing great benefits from her individualized training sessions and they began discussing the idea of setting up a private personal gym to service Medina and the surrounding communities.

After much discussion, Got Milt Health and Fitness opened its doors in 2008. As interest in personal training and individualized classes began to grow so did the need for additional personal trainers and services and in 2014, Got Milt moved to its new location at 238 South Elmwood, just one block off of the square in Medina.

Got Milt Health and Fitness Center offers a 24 hour self-access system for those clients who like to set their own time and schedule to use the facility as a private personal gym.

Got Milt also offers the following services in addition to personal training:

Got Milt Health and Fitness Center offers the highest quality equipment including Hammer Strength exercise equipment and Life Fitness elliptical and treadmills.